How to change Home Club Planet Fitness

How to change Home Club Planet Fitness
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Planet Fitness has become popular and worthwhile to people. People are now preferring this fitness machine in their daily workout routine. 

Many people have been asking how to change Home Club Planet Fitness. Today I am going to discover the process.

If in case you need to change the home club planet for changing the house or redecorating the house, what will you do? No worries, there is a solution.

Understanding What Is Home Club Planet

Home Club Planet is a particular planet that is to be set up in a particular place. You need to get the permission to set up it by signing the formalities or getting permission from the authorities. Moreover, for the setup of Home Club Planet, you need a spacious room along with convenience. 

Learn How To Change Home Club Planet Fitness 

Now how to change the setup? Check out the process below: 

Step 1: Accessing The Planet Fitness 

Start the process of logging into your Planet Fitness account through the mobile app. The request requires a personal password and name. Make sure you have a membership to use this account. 

Step 2: Enter Into Club Settings 

After getting logged on, go to the settings option of the profile section. Here you will see a club setting option or a home club option. Different names are displayed according to the device. Here, the location access is preferred from where you are using.

Step 3: Locating The Change Of The Home Club Planet Fitness 

Now in the club setting you will see the option of changing the home club Planet Fitness. Here, you will see it is written “change home club” or in another phrase. Click on the option. 

Step 4: Choose Your New Home Club Planet Fitness

No, it is time to choose a new home club. After selecting the button “new home club” a message will show up saying to locate a new location of changing home club or it will show you a list of some available locations. Here many available clubs may be recommended. The app is used all over the country so it will recommend available clubs.


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Step 5: Confirming The Change

After entering the new location of your new home club it will ask you to confirm the changes. Make sure the details you give are accurate. Proofread the details, especially the locations and formalities then save the changes. Now the submit button will appear.  Submit it.

Step 6: Review Terms and Conditions 

Some planet fitness associations need some conditions before proceeding to the planet. After confirming the location terms will be displayed.  Read the terms properly.  It may say about membership changing, about payment and new signing to membership or adjusting the member plan again.

Step 7: Contact Customer Help (If in case needed)

Through the process, if you find any issues or at the last stage it shows an error then do not worry. Take help from Planet Fitness customer service. Do not hesitate to contact them. On their website, you will find a help desk. Click on it. They will tell you about changing your home club Planet Fitness. 

Final Thoughts

Therefore, I hope the article, How to change Home Club Planet Fitness may come to your help. The process is easy for every member. Follow the steps mentioned above. Make sure the location and other facilities are inserted accurately. And, give proofreading before confirming the changes. 

Do not feel nervous while facing any difficulties through the process. You can contact the planet service or you can get help from the website. 

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