what are the benefits of drinking boiled soursop leaves in 2024

what are the benefits of drinking boiled soursop leaves

Are you interested to know what are the benefits of drinking boiled soursop leaves? Surely, I will provide all the information as well as correct it. Boiling soursop leaves creates a fragrant tea that has become a popular practice in various cultures.

There are many benefits from immune support to digestive health, and boiling soursop leaves suggests a compelling case for exploring their consumption. Let us dive deep to explore what are the benefits of drinking boiled soursop leaves that have been covered by extensive research.

What is Soursop? 

According to the soursop, it is a fruit with a green peel and spikes on the outside and a soft and wide pull on the inside. The taste of this fruit is sweet and slightly acidic and it is consumed raw or used in teas, desserts, juices and smoothies.

Also, the fruit is popularly known under a variety of names like Guanabana, Graviola and Guyabano. The tropical evergreen tree is a member of the Annonnaceae family. It originated from the warm, humid regions of the Americas and made its place in various parts of the world. 

Including Central, Caribbean, South America and Southeast Asia. Soursop is not only a beneficial part of the tree but also packed with a wealth of health benefits. However, the soursop fruit is edible and has a good therapeutic value and it is popular as an anti-arthritic agent. Besides extracts fight parasitic and worm infections.


What are soursop Leaves?

The leaves of soursop are scientifically classified as Annona muricata which is not just ordinary foliage. It can hold many health benefits that make it an extra addition to your wellness routine. 

Including improving healthy skin, fighting cancer cells and many other advantages are as carry as the leaves. In addition, traditional medicine uses soursop leaves to treat several ailments and diseases. 

This can be used for treating inflammation, rheumatism, diabetes, hypertension, and other similar conditions.  


what are the benefits of drinking boiled soursop leaves?


The benefits of drinking boiled soursop leaves are gaining the attention of many health researchers and enthusiasts. It can offer an array of health benefits which are claimed to be 10000 times stronger and crucial than chemotherapy.

The leaves are rich in nutrients and used as a natural remedy for various ailments. From the article below you will learn more about these boiled sourso leaves and whether the benefits are real or not.

To know more keep reading. Let us dive deep into exploring the 15 health benefits of drinking soursop leaves.


10 Health benefits of drinking boiled soursop leaves

  • Help with cancer therapy

A study it is shows that the bioactive compounds present in cancer have antiproliferative properties. It can help to kill the cancer cells. In addition, some studies that consuming soursop leaves on a long-term basis can help to prevent many types of diseases like breast cancer, liver, ovary, blood, respiratory, mouth, colon, lung, and many other prostate cancers. 

Rather, those studies have only been done in lab settings with isolated animals and their cells.

  • Reducing inflammation diseases

In the soursop leaves more than 117 different beneficial compounds are identified. Most of them have anti-inflammatory properties which can help to reduce the risk of various chronic inflammatory conditions. 

Including these conditions are arthritic pain, malaria, dysentery, rheumatism, cystitis, fever, diarrhoea and skin rashes.

  • Antioxidant properties

In the studies of what are the benefits of drinking boiled soursop leaves, several antioxidant compounds are also found. They are needed to protect the body from oxidative damage caused by the free radicals.

It makes them a potential therapeutic agent. Antioxidants are crucial in our bodies as well as they combat oxidative damage caused by free radicals. This can lead to the cell damage and chronic diseases. 

  • Help to the sleep

The smooth muscle relaxant activity of these boil leaves is a natural sedative. It was also known as traditional medicine as well. Besides it can help to sleep well. So that you are getting the chance of proper sleep.

  • Fighting with bacteria

Some studies that soursop leaves contain potent antibacterial properties as well. In addition, in one test tube baby, extracts of soursop leaves with varying concentrations were used on different types of bacteria that are known to cause oral disease.

 Besides it is also able to effectively kill multiple types of bacteria that are causing strains that cause gingivitis.

  • Reducing diabetics

Soursop leaves involving extract strong glycemic control in rats. It contains a great amount of antioxidants which can help to protect the pancreatic cells that are responsible for the production of insulin. Besides it can help to prevent insulin resistance and diabetics. 

Moreover, it is a great source of fibre which can help to decrease how quickly sugar is absorbed. Also, regulate glucose levels in the blood. 

  • Protect Liver

The soursop leaves contain anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that can help to damage the free radicals in the stomach. It promotes a reduction in liver acid protection the liver and helps digestion. 

The beneficial compounds in soursop leaves also seem to balance the activity of liver enzymes that are used in these leaves and their extract prevents various illnesses of the liver.

  • Regulating the blood pressure

In another, the leaves of the soursop contain potassium which is essential for the body’s elimination of sodium through the urine. Besides potassium is also important for regulating blood pressure management. 


Also helps to promote blood circulation which can influence blood pressure.

  • Improve anxiety and stress

Moreover, soursop leaves contain anonaine and asimilobine compounds which a soothing properties that act on the certain nervous system. It interacts with serotonin which can help to improve mood and improve stress and anxiety.

  • Source of vitamin C

The soursop leaves largely contain vitamin C. The ascorbic acid can help to build collagen and make skin brighter. Besides it can protect against sun damage and free radicals.

Benefits of soursop leaves tea

According to the benefits of soursop leaves tea, it is a great way to gain the benefits that this fruit also offers. Generally, soursop tea is a refreshing drink that can help to reduce fatigue, tiredness and stress. The tea is typically prepared by using the leaves of this fruit. It is easy to prepare and made in no time. In addition, to get all the benefits of this tea, brew yourself soursop tea to ward off stress and fatigue after a tiring day.

How to prepare soursop leaves tea

Ingredients of the tea:

  • Leaves 2 or 3
  • Boiled water
  • Stevia for sweetener


First, take 2 or 3 leaves. Then put it water to boil. Now it is time to add soursop leaves to the water. Besides, let them simmer for at least ten minutes. Now, strain the leaves before serving.

What are the possible side effects of soursop leaves?

While some of the toxic effects are met this leaves kidney damage. This can occur when taking very high doses of soursop leaves. The effects of these leaves will only evolve if you drink over 70 cups of this tea. 

  • Cause neuron dysfunction: Sousop boiling leaves contain alkaloids. Studies show that may cause neuron dysfunction and degeneration in Parkinson’s syndrome.

  • Lower blood pressure: Another side effect of these overdose leaves may also lower blood pressure way too much. In addition, individuals on blood pressure-lowering medications must exercise caution. While there are no set doses for these boiling leaves. Neither, there are any reports of toxicity. As a result, it is much better than following the healthcare that is provided about dosage.


Frequently asked questions for what are the benefits of drinking boiled soursop leaves

  • How to store sousop leaves?

Keep these soursop leaves fresh remove them from the packaging and store them in a cool place. Once the leaves are dry, long shelf life is around 2 to 3 years.

  • Can boiling soursop leaves help with weight loss?

While soursop leaves may prevent body fat accumulation which can lead to weight loss. Besides it can help those people with obesity. Moreover, there is limited scientific research available to support the use of boiling soursop leaves for weight loss.

  • Are soursop leaves tea good for nerves?

Not, because it contains specific alkaloids that lead to nervous disorders.

Finally, we are at the last of the what are the benefits of drinking boiled soursop leaves. Here, we are meeting all the good and bad sides of this boiling leaves of soursop. Moreover, the health benefits of boiling soursop leaves are really impressive and amazing. It makes them an excellent addition to your health.

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