Why is michael strahan missing from gma

why is michael strahan missing from gma
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If you are a fan of Michael Strahan then, you may want to know about “why is Michael Strahan missing from GMA?”

Isn’t it?

Ok, I will help you to know the reason through this article below.

Now, everybody who loves to watch ‘Good Morning America” is wondering about Michael Strahan. 

Because this popular personality of “Good Morning America” was missing from the show for a few days.

The reason for his break is not clear to everyone.

So, I have written this article to make clear the reason.

Let’s know the reason below.

why is michael strahan missing from gma

Why is Michael Strahan missing from GMA

Michael Strahan reports on the latest stories. He also gets involved in daytime shenanigans with his fellow co-anchors and celebrities.

He is also an analyst on Fox NFL where he has been working for almost two decades. This is another TV gig of his.

It’s true that in late October he was missing from the NFL iconic news desk, where Robin Roberts and George Stephanopoulos are his alongside partners. 

He also didn’t join on FoX NFL.

After two weeks he is again returning to his work.

But his fans are looking for the reason for his absence.

After missing the previous two weeks, the former NFL star did return to “Fox NFL Sunday”, on Sunday.

But the next day he was still missing from “Good Morning America”.

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During football season Strahan is often absent on Monday mornings. Because the network morning show is based in New York and Fox’s NFL coverage typically films in Los Angeles. 

According to an official statement of ABC news, Michael Strahan was missing from “Good Morning America” for two weeks for his personal family reasons which he doesn’t share with anyone.

So, it’s now clear that Michael was missing from all the shows to go on a vacation with his family. 

And after that he has joined his work.


So, I hope that now you have learned the reason for “why is Michael Strahan missing from GMA?”

Though he doesn’t disclose the main reason, he was missing for his personal family matter.

After two weeks he again returns to his work. Now he is active on “Good Morning America” and his other show Fox NFL.

However, do you want to know anything more about him? Then let us know through the comment box.

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