Arab Heritage Memorial Chapel Obituaries Details

arab heritage memorial chapel obituaries
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Arab Heritage Memorial Chapel Obituaries is a famous cemetery made by Arabs. It is to honour your loved ones and express love and gesture wholeheartedly. 

The chapel provides a funeral and cemetery for all the Arab people. You need to book and get a license from the funeral manager to use this heritage chapel. Every day people visit it and give their love. Also, if you are always planning to send flowers to your department person, you can contact them. They have arrangements of floral shops with every category including all levels of prices.

The speciality of the chapel is good facilities and regulations. When a person dies the Arab Heritage Memorial Chapel obituaries about the dead person. They display whole information about a dead person, for instance, his birth date, death date, worldly achievements, character, about his/her family and honour the dead person with full respect. They have a connection with the media. They published about the departed person in social media and newspapers. 

arab heritage memorial chapel obituaries

This heritage chapel focuses on working with families. Their motivation is to honour the departed and help families, friends and other members to express their feelings heartedly and get relief to their hearts. 

Death cemetery details of January 2024

Recently in the first month of 2024, four deaths were observed and their funeral was done in this heritage chapel.

List of deaths of January 2024

  1. Mr David Adam Willis – January 02, 2024
  2. Thomas Elbert Harwood- January 03, 2024
  3. Ms Linda Gail Hayes Blakeley- January 05, 2024
  4. Neal David Johnson -January 07, 2024

Mr David Adam Willis

Mr Adam was born on 6th October 1976 in Huntsville, Alabama. He died of liver disease on January 2nd 2024. He completed his higher secondary in 1995 and worked as an IT specialist throughout his life. He has a lovely family. A wife, 2 sons and a daughter. But sadly, he had to pass away.

At the heritage chapel, his public visitation was planned from 12 to 2:00 pm. And later at 2:00 pm, his funeral proceeded.

Thomas Elbert Harwood

Mr Thomas was born on 28 February 1962 and passed away on 3rd January 2024 at the age of 61. He was in the army and later worked as a former employee at the maintenance department of Huntsville Hospital. He spent his life through research. He was a fun-loving whoson and always used to gather knowledge. 

Thomas’ public visitation was planned from 11 pm to 1:00 pm and at 1 pm his funeral proceeded.

Ms Linda Gail Hayes Blakeley

Ms Linda passed on 5th January 2024 and was born on 15th January 1959. Her public visitation was placed on 8th January from 12 pm – 2 pm and the funeral will proceed at 2 pm.

Neal David Johnson 

Neal David Johnson died at the age of 81 on 7th January 2024. He lived eventually and was worthy throughout his life. He was born on 4th January 1943 in Guntersville, Alabama and was a marshall throughout his life. He completed his graduation from Arab High School in 1961. He spent his year as a teacher, and instructor in an Arab coaching centre. Neil was a pet lover. He used to have several birds. 

His funeral visitation was placed on 10th January. Anyone can visit from 6-8 pm. On 11th January his visiting hours are from noon and his funeral will proceed at 1 pm.

To get more information about dead people, you can visit their website.

Final Verdict 

The Arab Heritage Memorial Chapel obituaries serve as cultural, memorial and community support. It represents the traditional part of Arab funerals.

For anyone searching for a chapel, this is the best option to choose. It represents Arab tradition, gives honour, and offers convenience.

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