Best moxi skates review in 2024

moxi skates review
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Dig into this Moxi skates review and have a tour of Moxi skate’s world right now! Skating has been widely popular. Skating isn’t just a pastime thing now. Many skating forms are taken as sports such as the finger, ice, aggressive, etc. It has marked its place in the Olympics also. It was sure as always popular, but in the past two years, youngsters have become curious about skating( thanks to the pandemic). In the quarantine, they decided to take skating as a fun pastime. 

So now, youngsters are searching for skates that will help them stand out in the crowd. But the mistake they usually make is they only go for looks, not the quality. As they’re new in this era, that’s pretty normal for them to think like that. Because they don’t know yet that skating contains fun as well as risk. But no worries! Because we have dug in and found the best brand that offers looks and quality. The brand is Moxi skates! Moxi roller skates allow you to stand out in the crowd and ensure your safety. Their skates make it stand out from monochromatic skates. What quality should the best skates contain? Does the Moxi roller skates have all those quality? We are gonna answer all of the questions in this Moxi skates review. So let’s dive into the Moxi skates world

The qualities the best roller skate should contain

It’s pretty normal for youngsters or newcomers in the skating era to go for just looks. But you need to be a little picky about skating as it’s also about safety. Look for those below qualities before buying skates-

  1. Materials of boots

Choosing the boot’s cut and material is one of the most important decisions in selecting a skate. Those with high cuts are more supportive at the ankles, while those with low cuts are more flexible at the ankles and faster. Additionally, the material of the boot matters: Vinyl, for example, is typically more affordable but doesn’t last as long as a leather or suede boot, which is usually a larger investment, but much more durable.

  1. durometer rating

The durometer rating of roller-skates wheels tells you how hard they are. It ranges from 70A to 100A. High numbers indicate harder wheels. Skaters skating outside should use soft wheels, while those skating on a rink should use harder wheels. Wheel size should also be considered. Generally, smaller wheels provide better agility and tricks, while larger wheels absorb shock and travel farther. The wheels on outdoor skates tend to be larger and softer, whereas those on indoor skates tend to be smaller and harder.

  1. Plates

A skate plate attaches to the bottom of a boot. There are two types of materials that are commonly used: nylon and metal. As a beginner, if you’re on a budget, nylon is probably the way to go since it’s lighter and less expensive, but metal is more durable but heavier. If you want to skate heavy and want your skates to last for a long run, then metal plates should be your choice.

  1. Bolt-on

Bolt-on, known as fixed or toe stop, will your toe sit perfectly on the skates and develop your skill. There are two types of bolt-ons: adjustable ones and non-adjustable ones. In comparison, a fixed bolt-on has to be completely replaced if you want to make any changes at all to the bolt-on. In contrast, an adjustable bolt-on can be adjusted according to your particular needs as you develop your skills. As a beginner, you should go for an adjustable bolt-on so that you can know your moves and adjust the skates.

Moxi skates have kept all their minds and made their skates. So if you are looking for a skate to start your skating era, Moxi roller skates are a perfect choice. Now that you know that’s to look forward to in skates; now it’s time about Moxi skates and their roller skates so that you can make your decision easier.

Learn moxi skates review details

Michelle Steilen founded and drove the brand Moxi back in 2008 in Long Beach, California. Their roller skates for women are among the best on the market but no worries if you are a man. Their skates are antisex that everyone can wear. After all, everyone deserves some colour in their life. This strikes me as pretty cool.

The Moxi team comprises members from many countries worldwide, including the United States, Australia, Germany, Canada, England, Mexico, and Argentina. 

 To create their skates, Moxi partnered with Riedell. Because Moxi makes high-quality skates and is dedicated to fashion, the brand is trendy among women skaters. In addition to being famous for outdoor and women’s skating, they are also trendy for indoor skating.

 Roller skates sold by Moxi in 2018 totalled 10,000 pairs. Currently, Moxi sells it online and at 200 skate shops and rinks worldwide, including Urban Outfitters, Bando, and Dolls Kill. 

The Moxi Lolly Skates, one of the brand’s most popular pairs of skates, is made in Minnesota with an all-women team. 

Wants to know the fun part? Each Moxi skate is named after a member of Michelle’s family. Claudia and Nimbus, the beach bunny skates, were named in honour of her pet rabbits. And the jack model is named after her younger brother. The most well-known skate, the “Lolly”, is named after Michelle’s sister Loren.

They have all skating products such as roller skates, wheels, pads and more; Moxi Roller Skate Shop is now selling roller skate wheels. Whatever you name it, Moxi has in their pocket. We will put up some of their best skates in this Moxi skates review.

moxi skates review

The mission of Moxi skates-

The company is committed to empowering people worldwide by providing high-quality roller skates and gear so they can enjoy their love of roller skating.

Their products feature skater-designed and tested products, ethically made and hand-stitched with care by a diverse roster of entrepreneurs.

Their goal is to make roller skates the shoes of the future!

Now let’s not waste any more time and get into the Moxi roller skates review. We will break through every detail of those skates and point out their pros and cons. So that you easily choose the best skates for you.

Moxi Skates – Rainbow Rider 

The rainbow rider is the best choice if you’re at the beginning of the skating era. Honestly, its looks catch my eye while researching for the best Moxi skates for this Moxi skates review. But This doesn’t only have an eye-catching look but also has the excellent quality, which will make you feel like you’re rolling through the rainbow. Sound exciting, right!? Let’s dig in to know about this Moxi roller skates-

About rainbow rider

A Drum-dyed Vinyl is used to create these lifestyle roller skates, which resist fading and scratching. As strong metal trucks, Die-cast aluminium plates provide optimal support and durability. A COMFORTABLE FIT AND EASY LACING – These adjustable roller skates have a simple lace system for easy fit. A curved collar provides added support, comfort, and ankle padding. 

You’ll make a statement and stay trendy on the skates with colourful graphics and laces. ABEC-5 steel ball bearings are used to construct these ladies’ high-top skates. They also feature Moxi Rainbow Rider Wheels 58mm x 40mm outdoors wheels, which make skating indoors and outdoors a delightful experience.

This boot is designed with safety in mind. It fits tight around the ankle and has additional padding to provide strong ankle support. Skates feature an adjustable toe stopper with a long-lasting but replaceable lifespan. So don’t need to worry much about your safety because Moxi roller skates have taken safety management into their hands. You just have to keep rolling. But it’s better to avoid skates park with the rainbow rider.

Size management of rainbow rider

This skate’s sizing is based on men. So, you should get your usual shoe size if you are a man. If your shoe size is one and a half, then get the one size above. For example, if you get 6.5, then get 7.

And if you are a woman, go down one from your shoe size. For example, if you are six, then go 5.

Color options of rainbow rider-

These Moxi roller skates have a beautiful rainbow on their side. But still three colors such Black, Bubble Gum Pink, and Sunset Yellow.

Key features-

-PVC unit outsole and heel

-Curved collar for added comfort

-Ankle padding

-Tri-color laces

-High rebound outdoor wheels

– can give you a smooth skating experience anywhere

-ABEC5 bearings are included with the Rainbow Rider. Oil is not required for these.

The pros-

-smooth ride

– eye-catching color

– give great ankle gripe

The cons-

  • Issue with sizing 
  • Cant skates in the skatepark 

Moxi skates- lolly

This stylish pair of roller skates feature suede construction with a high-top design and is a true fashion statement. Wear them indoors or outside, depending on the weather. Each roller skate from Lolly includes a toe stop and Moxi Classic wheels. For recreation and street skating, Moxi Lolly Skates are versatile skates. There are the perfect Moxi roller skates if you are into fashion. This is my 2nd favourite skates in this Moxi skates review. Its divine looks will surely make you stand out. Let’s dive into finding out more- 

 About Moxi lolly skates

Lolly skates are the most popular Moxi roller skates among fans. They are made from soft suede leather to provide a comfortable fit once broken in with minimal discomfort. In order to provide optimal support to the skaters, PowerDyne Thrust nylon plates with strong metal trucks are included on the skates.

The lacing system on these roller skates makes adjusting Moxi lolly simple. The easy slip-on is made possible by high-quality tongue padding. So, if you are looking for something easy peasy to wear, then these Moxi lolly skates are what you need.

A ball bearing ABEC-5 is used on this pair of ladies’ traditional high-top skates in order to minimize friction. Also, 65mm x 35mm Moxi Classic wheels are included on these outdoor quad skates to make the ride as smooth as possible.

Extra ankle padding provides strong ankle support in the high, snug-fitting boot. Children 12 years of age or younger should not use this product, as it is not designed or intended for children. If you are looking to gift your niece, then this isn’t the idle skates, but it’s idle for you, I can tell.

Size management of Moxi lolly

The sizing of this skate is based on the sizing of men. As a result, you should get your usual shoe size if you are a man. The one size above should be used if you have a shoe size of one and a half. When you get a score of 6.5, for example, you would get a score of 7.

 Women are advised to go down one size from their shoe size if they are women. For example, if you are six, then go 5.

Color options of Moxi lolly

Featuring an array of bright colors, the Moxi Lolly skates come in the following colours: Classic Black, Floss, Poppy, Taffy, Clementine, Pineapple, Green Apple, and Lilac, among many others. There are plenty of options, so choose your favorite.

Key feature-

  • Hand made leather
  • Moxi lining on leather high top boots
  • Nylon Thrust Plate from PowerDyne
  • Outdoor wheels that are gummy or juicy
  • Bearings Kwik Abec 7
  • Toe stop adjustment by PowerDyne
  • Have various colors to choose from

The pros-

  • These skates will give you a wow ride.
  •  Sure-grip skates
  • Perfect for beginners

The cons-

  • Sizing problem
  • the nylon plate is quite thin and can be broken if you skate aggressively.

Moxi skates- beach bunny

I’m sure any beach lover will love these Moxi skates after reading this Moxi skates review. The Beach Bunny line brings classic Moxi fashion to an affordable price! Drum-dyed vinyl uppers and additional ankle padding provide more authentic color saturation in the Beach Bunny high-top boot. 

You’ll feel comfortable and secure if you’re skating in the skate park or cruising the boulevard. Beach bunny is one of the comfiest among all the Moxi roller skates. Fashion-forward laces, a moisture-wicking liner printed with an original design from the Moxi team, and a custom pattern on the Dri-LexTM liner make the Beach Bunny 100% Moxi from outside in. You can take the Beach Bunny on your next adventure with a pair of high-rebound urethane outdoor wheels and matching toe caps.

Let’s dig in to know more about lolly skates-

 About Moxi beach bunny

 A custom Moxi Dri-Lex lining and dyed vinyl make these roller skates 100% animal-friendly. In order to provide maximum support, beach bunny skates feature powerful metal trucks made from high-impact Marvel diecast aluminium plates.A simple lace system makes it easy to adjust these skates. For a snug and comfortable fit, skates feature a padded tongue. 

The ABEC-5 steel ball bearings ensure a smooth ride in these traditional ladies’ high-top skates. Cushioned 58mm 78A wheel construction provides excellent traction on beach bunny. In addition to extra ankle padding, the boot fits snugly and provides excellent ankle support. Moxi roller skates are one of the best choices if you want to skate with the feeling of cotton candy on the toe. 

Size management of beach bunny

 Having a snug fit without being uncomfortable is what is recommended. Choose the larger size if you are in between sizes. Using millimetre measurements will give you the most accurate size. The sizes of shoes vary depending on the brand and style. Length measurements should be taken while standing. All measurements are recommendations only. Depending on your skill level and personal preference, sizing may vary.

Color options of beach bunny

The Moxi Beach Bunny skate boots include colorful wheels and trendy laces. You can choose from three color options for these women’s quad skates: Periwinkle Sunset, Blue Sky, or Peach Blanket. Sky blue is one of my favourites. It’s just too pretty.

Key features-

  • Different color options for the vinyl upper
  • Moxi Dri-LexTM lining custom printed
  • The heel and outsole are made of PVC
  • Added comfort with curved collar
  • Padding for the ankles
  • Toe caps made from matching vinyl
  • Polyester laces with a bright color
  • Glitter outdoor wheels 58mm in 78A with high rebound
  • 100% vegan

The pros

  • Perfect for any kind of skatepark
  • Perfect for serious skating on the street
  • Give the perfect smooth ride

The cons

  • Sizing problem
  • The plate can’t be easily changed if it broken

Moxi skates – Ivy Jungle

Everyone wants to run like a leopard with their skates on. I mean, who wouldn’t? Lvy jungle Moxi roller skates will give the feel because they have a leopard print. Lvy jungle will make you roar with its looks. This Moxi skates review will make its place on any jungle heart; I can ensure that.

Lvy jungle is Vegan-friendly and ready to roll; these Leopard Print Vinyl Skates from Moxi Jungle are brown leopard print skates with leopard print vinyl. Indoor or outdoor skating is possible with these wheels. Moxi Jungle Skates are very popular due to their classic animal print design. Their versatility makes them a great addition to any outfit. After hearing all of that, does it excite you? I know it’s a dose. So let’s jump in to learn more-

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About ivy jungle

 In order to provide additional stability to the ivy jungle, Marvel die-cast aluminium plates are used with robust metal trucks.

 A simple lace system makes adjustments easy on the Ivy jungle roller skates. You can slip the skates on quickly due to the high-quality padded tongue, which provides a snug yet comfortable fit. 

You will be on trend while you are skating with these fun leopard print Moxi Ivy Jungle skate boots. They feature pink Moxi outdoor wheels, so you will always be able to stay trendy while you skate. 

With an ABEC-5 steel ball bearing that reduces friction, these ladies’ high-top skates provide you with a smooth ride because they are constructed from the highest quality steel. The pink Moxi outdoor wheels provide additional cushioning to these outdoor quad skates, which are designed for outdoor use. 

In addition to extra ankle padding, the boot fits snugly and provides great ankle support. If you are looking for quality along with looks, then lvy jungle Moxi roller skates are the perfect options. I hope this Moxi skates review has given you enough idea of this skates,

 Size management of lvy skates

 There is a 1/2 size to 1 full-size difference between Jungle skates and Ladies skates. For example, when you are wearing a size seven ladies’ shoe, you should order a size 6, equivalent to a ladies 6.5-7 shoe size for women. More information about our sizes and a size chart can be found in our Size Help section. 


The key feature of lvy jungle

  • It is made of vinyl with a leopard print on it
  • Heel and outsole made of PVC
  • An added comfort feature is the curved collar
  • Padding for the ankles
  • Padding for the anklesster laces High rebound our
  • True to size 
  • 100% vegan
  • Can roll indoor outdoor both equally

The pros-

  • Unique style
  • Vegan leather
  • Eye-catching with a smooth ride

The cons-

  • Toe guards cannot cover the back
  • Only one color is available
  • Easy to scuff

Where to buy Impala Roller skates?

Shop for moxi skates through their website or on amazon


 Frequently asked questions

  1. Are Moxi Skates suitable for beginners?

According to two experts, Moxi’s newest skates, the Rainbow Riders, are an excellent choice for beginners. They said its Moxi roller skates are so comfortable along with stylish looks.

  1. What happened to Moxi Skates?

There was a surge in demand but a shortage of supply. Moxi Skates was not produced again until six weeks after Minnesota-based Riedell Shoes Inc. Meikle lifted pandemic lockdowns. She was three months behind on orders when she began receiving product again.

  1. What makes Moxi skates so popular?

Creating her skates was a joint effort between Moxi and Riedell. Women skaters love Moxi because they make good quality skates and are dedicated to fashion. Especially popular among women of outdoor roller skates.

  1. What are the best street roller skates?

For outdoor use, inline skates are great because they can be used on pavement, asphalt, sidewalks, rough roads, and even dirt/trail surfaces. Because of the inline wheel setup and minimized friction with the ground, inline skates are almost always faster outdoors than quad skates.

  1. What is the cost of a good pair of roller skates?

Beginner roller skates start at $50 and go up to $350 for the highest quality. Typically, $150 is the average. It is important to take into account several factors when buying roller skates.

  1. What are the benefits of roller skating?

Getting outside and moving while roller skating is heart-healthy because it is a cardio and strength-training full-body workout. This is the workout for you if you want to get the most out of your outdoor time. The pleasure of skating may lead you to do it on a regular basis once you get the hang of it.


if you’re a newcomer in the skating era or an expert, that doesn’t matter. Moxi roller skater is open to every stage of skaters. The fun part is that they don’t just keep in mind the quality but also the looks. So that you can roll around with style. We have gathered the best of Moxi skates skaters and pointed out every detail in the above. I hope after reading our Moxi skates review, you can easily choose the best Moxi roller skates.

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